Clients + Testimonials



“Upon purchasing the historic Pemberton House from HCF in the Spring of 2013, I knew I had my work cut out for me on this one and that it was going to take just the right person to transform this long time historic house museum into a livable modern day private residence. Sharing this with Justin Krieg, Preservationist at Historic Columbus, he recommended that I reach out to Tim.  Within minutes of meeting I could sense Tim was easy to work with, incredibly creative and passionate about his work and this project. However it was his amazing ability to listen and take in all I had to say and not only internalize it, but to talk through it, mapping out an initial plan with me, right there in our first meeting that got Tim the job. His passion and enthusiasm for the work and the materials he uses really is contagious, and makes for an exciting work environment for all involved. His desire to share his wealth of knowledge with others through the pieces he uses like the old wood from the Eagle and Phoenix dam or he creates like the kitchen countertop made from joints found under the original apothecary shop floor.  Tim goes above and beyond in everything he does, from insisting to lower the floors in the old apothecary shop so that they would be level with floors of the main building, when I said "no worries I can deal with it as is", to his taking pieces home with him at night to work on them so they will look as close as possible to original detailing on the house, to being great at working with sub contractors that work in a timely manner to city officials, state boards and within historic regulations. Working with Tim was a true pleasure I would recommend him to anyone looking to work with the best around and would work with him again myself and actually currently am on a farm table for my dining room!”

Dr. John Lupold, Homeowner


“Our project was a remodel of a cabin on Lake Harding.  We were looking to create a modern, livable, attractive cabin that still feels like a lake house and not a city house.  Jack Jenkins recommended Tim, and as soon as we saw a cabin project he had completed, we knew he would do a great job for us.  His creative eye was essential in helping us make the decisions needed to accomplish the look and feel we were wanting.  He took custom to the next level not only custom designing but custom building several features in the cabin to ensure the look was achieved. Detailed oriented in the right ways, listening to what we really wanted like paint colors and finishes while making sure what we wanted would be the best look for the space, which led us to greatly value his input and opinion. It's impossible to name just one favorite thing so a few favorites are reclaimed wood kitchen ceiling, re-purposed old tin roof, stair rail, bathroom floors, second floor bedroom, and whole exterior of the cabin. I guess that list wasn't so short but we simply love the work he did for us, and would work with Tim again on future projects and definitely recommend him to others!”

Rachael Peek, Homeowner