The Pemberton House
​Background: Circa 1855-60

Former Private Residence and Apothecary Shop of Dr. John Pemberton the inventor of Coca-Cola which was open to the public and run as a house museum by HCF until 2012.  


Project Scope: Work with current owner, to transform the orignal two structures on the property, The Historic Pemberton House Museum and Apothecary Shop, into a single structure updated with electricity, indoor plumbing, and HVAC to name a few modern ammenities added to transform this circa 1855 Greek Revival Cottage into a modern day livable private residence.

Standout Features: Kitchen Countertops made from joints found under the original apothecary shop floor.  Pineboards from beams taken from the City Mill dam. Farm Table built from orignal Apothcary Shop floor boards, and repurposed apothocary shop counter light now used as chandelier in dining room.  




Swift Residence

Project Scope: Working to stay within the guidelines of the architectural review board, Tim updated this historic residence with addition of two bedrooms and a bath. 

Standout Features: